Code: GK
Course Name: Language course + Wine and cooking course
1 week: € 714,00
Each Further Week: € 714,00

Come to Bagno di Romagna, our cooking is wonderful!
If you know anyone from Bagno di Romagna sooner or later you are bound to receive an invitation like this.
Romagna has a lot to offer on the food and wine front. The mainstream of local cuisine are pasta, piadina affettati meat and herbs, but the local products are used in such a smart inventive way as to give an immensely wide variety of tastes and flavours that change with the season.

Scuola Palazzo Malvisi, in cooperation with the Restaurant Osteria del Teatro, offers you the possibility to combine a language course with a cooking and wine course.

The price includes: 16 Group lessons of Italian, teaching material, certificate, 12 practical cooking lessons, cooking text book, all dinners after cooking class, wine, a guided excursion in a vineyard, wine tasting.

Course available from 11/01/2016 to 16/12/2016

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