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G/26 - Intensive Group Course - 26 lessons per week.G+I - Combination Course 26 + 2 lessons per week.G+I - Combination Course 26 + 4 lessons per week.I - Individual Course 15 20 30 lessons per week.CD - Duo Course 15 20 lessons per week. (2 students 1 teacher)HT - Home Tritino


TC Language Course + Thermal/Wellness treatments package with accommodation in Spa Hotel. 10 Individual lessons per week.GK Language Course + Wine and Cooking CourseGB Language Course + Bike - Option A - 26 Group lessons.GB Language Course + Bike - Option B - 15 Individual lessons.GNW Language Course between Wellness and Nature.GG Individual Language Course + Golf.GA Special Programme for Over 50GT Language Course, Truffle, Mushrooms and Wine - Option A - 18 Group lessons + 2 truffle’s searching.GT Language Course, Truffle, Mushrooms and Wine - Option B - 12 Individual lessons + 2 truffle’s searching


ABSOLUTE BEGINNER - No knowledge of the language whatsoever.BEGINNER - Some basic words and communication sentences.ELEMENTARY - Can follow a simple everyday conversation.INTERMEDIATE - Knowledge of more important grammatical rules and command of basic Italian vocabulary.ADVANCED - Fluency of speech, command of grammatical rules, no problem in understanding fast speech of native speakers.

ACCOMMODATION*: F/1F/2Half boardSA/1SA/2H/1H/2B&BNo accommodation

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