Scuola Palazzo Malvisi offers a solid and considerable experience of language teaching and it is ideal, friendly, intimate and professional school for students who prefer to stay in a small town and live as part of a family to improve the language in everyday situations with local people.
We arrange a programme of cultural activities and excursions to give a balance of sightseeing, cultural visits, sports and social events. The school offers a wide range of supervised activities, all designed to encourage further Italian practice, in the afternoons, evenings and, in summer, at weekends. Some are organised by the school, others are organised by friendly and experienced tour-guides.
We offer a variety of structured courses to meet your needs, ensuring you make rapid progress and achieve your learning goals: we offer all levels from beginner to advanced.
Our special corses are specially designed for those who wish to combine a language stay with a programme of cultural activities and enjoy the Italian way of life.
An old small town, nestling in the green of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, famous since roman times for the quality of its spa water springs.



E-Bike Fest dal 15 al 17 giugno 2018

E.BIKE FEST: Appennino Tosco Romagnolo 15 – 17 Giugno 2018 Il primo raduno E.Bike dell’Appennino Tosco Romagnolo. Il raduno si articolerà su 3 differenti località: valli di Savio, Bidente e Tevere. I biker e gli accompagnatori avranno a disposizione un ricco programma per conoscere ed
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